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DJBDRAG   Blue Jade Dragon 7"h
CBBJAY   Blue Jay 7"H
KMBJAY   Blue Jay with Sound
LP7350BMER   Blue Mermaid Special Effect Holographic 1000 Piece Puzzle
FBHAMSHK   Blue Shark 13" L
FBLUSHK   Blue Shark 16" L
WASHKBLU   Blue Shark 24" Long
wabspraysm   Blue Spotted Stringray (Small)
RIBSGWSHK   Blue Stripe Great White Shark 30"
wabtang   Blue Tang Fish
WABTANGLG   Blue Tang Fish Large 15" L
WABTANGXL   Blue Tang Fish Large 20" L
FOLKTHDRAG   Blue Three-Headed Dragon
wabwhalm   Blue Whale (Large)
wabwhalsm   Blue Whale (Small)
KMBLWHAL   Blue Whale Cuddllekin 20" Long
RIBWHAL   Blue Whale Shark
LP0832BLBR   Blueberry Bears 1000 Piece Puzzle
FOLKBOB   Bobcat Puppet
DBCLFISH   Bobo Clown Fish 10" L
DBLTACDOG   Bolt Australian Cattle Dog 16" L
WABCOL   Border Collie 7" High
PCBCOLPSM   Border Collie CarPets Puppet
THBCOLPUP   Border Collie Puppy 9.75"h
dborbur   Bordon Burro
AEBOSQU   Boston Quilt Dowdle Folk Art 500 Pc Puzzle
AABOSTBP   Boston Terrier Big Paw by Aurora 10" H Sitting
KMPSBOST   Boston Terrier Pet Shop 12" H
AAMIBOSTPUP   Boston Terrier Pup Miyoni Tots Collection by Aurora 9" High
KMBOSTCK   Boston Terrier Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
wabotdol   Bottlenosed Dolphin
dbblbr   Boulder Black Bear
CBBXTURT   Box Turtle by Cabin Critters 11" Long
aamibox   Boxer Dog Miyoni
NJBOXLG   Boxer Nat & Jules
KMBOXCK   Boxer Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
wabrach   Brachiosaurus Dinosaur
WABRACHSM   Brachiosaurus Dinosaur (Small)
DBRAUSMX   Breezy Australian Shepherd Mix 20" L
DBREWLAB   Brewster Black Lab 12"l
CBBRTROUT   Brook Trout Fish 17"
KMBRBATCK   Brown Bat Cuddlekins 11"
FOLKBRCOW   Brown Cow Puppet 13" Long by Folkmanis
DBRNMCHK   Brown Multi Chick 4" Long
fpeli   Brown Pelican Plush Toy
RIBRSNK60   Brown Rattlesnake 60" L
RIBRNRATSNK   Brown Rattlesnake110" L
THBRNSQST   Brown Squirrel Plush Toy 12" Long without tail
aabrsubr   Brown Sugar Bear
DBRBOX   Bruschi Boxer Floppy 16" L
dbrham   Brushy Hamster
pvcfzib   Bubblez Clown Fish Zibbie with Koosh Head
AABUDBOX   Bud Boxer Flopsie
DBUDBEAV   Buddy Beaver 7"h
DBBGOAT   Buffy Baby Goat 6" H by Douglas Cuddle Toy
AAMIBDOGPUP   Bulldog Pup Miyoni Tots Collection by Aurora 9" High
KMBULLD   Bulldog Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
DNEWF   Bundy Newfoundland Dog 16" L
THRABSM   Bunny Rabbit
THBUNFL   Bunny Rabbit Black Tailed Floppy Earred 15" Long
THBUNGRYFL   Bunny Rabbit Grey Floppy Earred 15" Long
THBUNWHFL   Bunny Rabbit White Floppy Earred 15" Long
DBUNSSH   Bunny Sshlumpie 19" L
AATAZBP   Burping Taz with Hamburger 11" High
THBUROWL   Burrowing Owl 10"h
FOLKBUROWL   Burrowing Owl Puppet by Folkmanis 11" H
AASGBUSH   Bush Baby Signature
AABUTBTAB   Butterball Orange Tabby Fat Cat by Aurora 9" H
LP0079ZZBUT   Butterflies 18 Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
LP0079ZZBUT3   Butterflies 18 Shaped Puzzles II 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
LP0079ZZBUTII   Butterflies 18 Shaped Puzzles II 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
LP0079ZZPUPS   Butterflies 18 Shaped Puzzles II 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DBUTPIG   Buttons Pig 4.5"L
CBBADG   Cabin Critters Badger 12" Long
CBBLCATF   Cabin Critters Blue Catfish 17" L
CBCHIP   Cabin Critters Chipmunk 6" H
CBMLION   Cabin Critters Mountain Lion 12" Long
CBWOLF   Cabin Critters Wolf 12" Long
UNCACTUS   Cactus House Playset
DCALBEAR   Cal Brown Bear 10." H
AECALG   Calgary Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DPCALCATF   Calico Cat 19"l
KMCONDCK   California Condor Cuddlekins 21" Wide Wingspan
KMQUAILN   California Quail Audubon II Collection
FCAMST   Camel 14"l
KMCAMDCK   Camel Dromedary Cuddlekins 12"L
DCCHIN   Camilla Chinchilla 10" L with Tail
THCGOOS   Canadian Goose
CBCGOOS   Canadian Goose 10" High
KMCGOOS   Canadian Goose with Sound 6" High
AECANCUN   Cancun Dowdle Folk Art 1000 Piece Puzzle
LP0832CANEX   Canyon Express 1000 Piece Puzzle
DCANHOR   Canyon Horse 32" L
AASGCAP   Capuchin Monkey Signature
KMCAPY   Capybara Cuddlekins
CBCARD   Cardinal 7"H
KMCARDII   Cardinal with sound Audubon II collection 5" H 5" Long
DCARCHI   Carlos Chihuahua 10" L
NJCTER   Carn Terrier Plush Dog 11" L from Nat & Jules Collection
DCRPAN   Carrots Red Panda 11"L
DCWEIM   Cassie Weimaraner Dog
FOLKRGCAT   Cat ragdoll puppet 28" Long
WACATFSH   Catfish 17" L
NJCKCSPAN   Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from Nat & Jules
DCCHLDOOD   Cedar the Chocolate Labradoodle 8" H
AACELUNI   Celestia Pink Unicorn Super Flopsie 28" Long
FOLKCHAM   Chameleon Puppet
cbcatf   Channel Catfish
DCHANBUN   Chantilly Light Cream Bunny Large 12" High Sitting
DCHANBUNLG   Chantilly Light Cream Bunny Large 14" High Sitting
DCHGRET   Chap Golden Retriever 10" L
AACHSPAN   Charles Spaniel
THCWCOW   Charlotte's Web Cow
dbcolf   Chase Border Collie
AACHCHARBK   Cheeky Charlie Monkey Backpack
KMCHTLG   Cheetah Lying Large 30" L
aamicheetlg   Cheetah Miyoni (Large)
aamichtsm   Cheetah Miyoni (Small)
RIBLCHEET   Cheetah wtih Baby 11" H
DBLABF   Chester Black Lab Floppy Plush Dog 16" Long
THHENCK   Chick Plush Toy by Hansa 4.5" H
FOLKCHKN   Chicken Puppet 18" H
DKCHIPUR   Chihuahua Keysha Purse
NJCHISM   Chihuahua Plush Dog from the Nat & Jules Collection
NJCHCREST   Chinese Crested Plush Dog 11.5" L from Nat & Jules Collection
aachip   Chip the Chipmunk
fchipn   Chipmunk
DCLABSM   Chocolate Lab 12"l
DCLABF   Chocolate Lab 16"l
NJCLABLG   Chocolate Lab Nat & Jules
DCHBEAV   Chops Beaver 11" L
NJCHOWLG   Chow Dog from Nat & Jules
DGHOG   Chuckwood Groundhog
AACINDY   Cindy White Cat Flopsie
DCLAUSCDOG   Clanger Australian Cattle Dog
DCLLAMB   Clementine Lamb
DCLIFFMED   Clifford the Big Red Dog Standing (Medium)
DCLBHSHP   Climber Big Horn Sheep 8" L
dcdipny   Cloud Dancer Paint Horse
WACLEOP   Clouded Leopard Lying Plush Toy 14" L
AACLFSH   Clown Fish Super Flopsie 27" L
RIBLCLF   Clown Fish wtih Baby 14" L
RICOATI   Coati 8"
fcoati   Coatimundi Plush Toy
KMCOBCK   Cobra (Posed) Cuddlekins 13"H
THCOBRA   Cobra 33.54" L curled
AACOBOST   Cocoa Boston Terrier by Aurora S'mores Collection 25" L
unbrcodplt   Cody Aviator Pilot Teddy Bear
dcoeag   Colbert Eagle
LP0500CATS   Collage Cats 1000 Piece Puzzle
LP0500RT66   Collage Route 66 1000 Piece Puzzle
AACOLOB   Colobus Monkey
WACOPSNK   Copperhead Snake 52"
FCTOP   Cotton Top Tamarin 8" H
KMMCTOP   Cotton Top Tamarin Cuddlekins 8" H
FOLKCTRAB   Cottontail Rabbit Puppet
DCPBLABMX   Coupe Black Lab Pit Bull Mix 20" L without tail, 26" L with tail
PCCOWPSM   Cow CarPets Puppet
THCOWLY   Cow Laying
FCOWLYLG   Cow Lying Plush Toy 30" L
UNCOW   Cow Plumpee
KMCOYCK   Coyote Cuddlekins 11"H
wacoypup   Coyote Pup
FOLKCOY   Coyote Puppet
THCRKIT   Creme Kitten Standing 10.92" H
DCRSILOWL   Crescent Silver Owl
FOLKCROCSTP   Crocodile Stage Puppet
THLEMCUD   Cuddly Lemur by Hansa 8.5" H
LP0079ZZCUPII   Cupcakes II, 12 Mini Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DCCSPAN   Curly Cocker Spaniel
CBCTTROUT   Cutthroat Trout Fish
WACUTFISH   Cuttlefish 15" Long
aamidach   Dachshund Dog Miyoni Collection
NJDACHLG   Dachshund Nat & Jules
THDALM   Dalmatian 10"h
KMDALMCK   Dalmatian Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
DDAPFER   Dapper Ferret
AEDYZOO   Day at the Zoo Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DDWHSHK   Decker Whale Shark 15" L
DDELBEAG   Dellwood Beagle 10" L
DDICBLAB   Dickens Black Lab 32"l
ddprdog   Digger Prairie Dog
DDBEAV   Dillon Beaver
ddildach   Dilly Dachshund
DDJKCHI   Disel Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix 16" L
EN4030816   Disney by Britto Stitch Figurine 7.5" H
dshel   Dixie Sheltie
NJDOBLG   Doberman Pinscher Plush Dog 14" L from Nat & Jules Collection
KMDODOCK   Dodo Bird Cuddlekins
KMDOLCK   Dolphin Cuddlekin Plush 20" Long
WADOLPUP   Dolphin Puppet
FOLKDOLP   Dolphin Puppet by Folkmanis 16" L
AADOLXLG   Dolphin Super Flopsie 27" L
RIBLDOL   Dolphin wtih Baby 22" L
DDMDALM   Domino Dalmatian Floppy Pup 13" L
DALPBMTN   Douglas Alps Bernese Mountain Dog
DBPPIG   Douglas Betina Pink Pig 9.5"L
DBHHOG   Douglas Bristles Hedgehog 6"H

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