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DCHGRET   Chap Golden Retriever 10" L
AACHSPAN   Charles Spaniel
THCWCOW   Charlotte's Web Cow
dbcolf   Chase Border Collie
AACHCHARBK   Cheeky Charlie Monkey Backpack
WM861   Cheers! 1000 XL-Piece Puzzle
WACHEETC   Cheetah Cub 30" L
FLCHEET   Cheetah Lying
KMCHTLG   Cheetah Lying Large 30" L
aamicheetlg   Cheetah Miyoni (Large)
aamichtsm   Cheetah Miyoni (Small)
RIBLCHEET   Cheetah wtih Baby 11" H
DBLABF   Chester Black Lab Floppy Plush Dog 16" Long
DCHILGF   Chichi Chihuaha
THHENCK   Chick Plush Toy by Hansa 4.5" H
FOLKCHKN   Chicken Puppet 18" H
aamichi   Chihuahua Dog Miyoni
DKCHIPUR   Chihuahua Keysha Purse
NJCHISM   Chihuahua Plush Dog from the Nat & Jules Collection
NJLHCHI   Chihuahua Plush Dog from the Nat & Jules Collection
WACHIMP   Chimpanzee 21"
NJCHCREST   Chinese Crested Plush Dog 11.5" L from Nat & Jules Collection
KMCSPENCK   Chinstrap Penguin Cuddlekins 12"H
aachip   Chip the Chipmunk
fchipn   Chipmunk
dchllam   Choco Llama 11"h
DCLABSM   Chocolate Lab 12"l
DCLABF   Chocolate Lab 16"l
NJCLABLG   Chocolate Lab Nat & Jules
DCHBEAV   Chops Beaver 11" L
NJCHOWLG   Chow Dog from Nat & Jules
AECHDEL   Christmas Delivery Dowdle 500 Piece Puzzle
KAGF1121   Christmas Ornaments - Garfield in Tree and Hanging Garfield
ATAMC104   Christmas Scrapbook 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle Atlantis Toy and Hobby
dghog   Chuckwood Groundhog
AACINDY   Cindy White Cat Flopsie
DCLAUSCDOG   Clanger Australian Cattle Dog
AECLCAR   Classic Car Show Dowdle 1000 Piece Puzzle
ATAMC103   Classics Illustrated Junior Fairy Tale Story Classics Collage 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
ATAMC102   Classics Illustrated Literary Classics Collage 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
DCLLAMB   Clementine Lamb
DCLIFFMED   Clifford the Big Red Dog Standing (Medium)
DCLBHSHP   Climber Big Horn Sheep 8" L
dcdipny   Cloud Dancer Paint Horse
WACLEOP   Clouded Leopard Lying Plush Toy 14" L
DCGRYCAT   Cloudy Grey Cat
AACLFSH   Clown Fish Super Flopsie 27" L
RIBLCLF   Clown Fish wtih Baby 14" L
RICOATI   Coati 8"
fcoati   Coatimundi Plush Toy
KMCOBCK   Cobra (Posed) Cuddlekins 13"H
THCOBRA   Cobra 33.54" L curled
KMCOCKJUM   Cockatoo Jumbo Cuddlekins 30" L
aamicspan   Cocker Spaniel Dog Miyoni
NJCSPANSM   Cocker Spaniel Plush Dog from the Nat & Jules Collection
RTAP   Cocker Spaniel Tapioca
AACOBOST   Cocoa Boston Terrier by Aurora S'mores Collection 25" L
DCOBICH   Coconut Bichon Floppy 16" L
unbrcodplt   Cody Aviator Pilot Teddy Bear
dcoeag   Colbert Eagle
LP0500CATS   Collage Cats 1000 Piece Puzzle
LP0500RT66   Collage Route 66 1000 Piece Puzzle
AACOLOB   Colobus Monkey
WM1018   Come Fly With Me 1000 Piece Puzzle
WM1051   Cookies 1000 Piece Puzzle
DCOOPGR   Cooper Golden Retriever
dtrigpig   Copper Tri-Color Guinea Pig
WACOPSNK   Copperhead Snake 52"
WACORSNK   Coral Snake 52"
wacornsnk   Corn Snake
RICTOP   Cotton Top Tamarin
FCTOP   Cotton Top Tamarin 8" H
KMMCTOP   Cotton Top Tamarin Cuddlekins 8" H
FOLKCTRAB   Cottontail Rabbit Puppet
WACOUGXL   Cougar 18" H
LP5600CFAIR   Country Fair 500 Piece Puzzle
DCPBLABMX   Coupe Black Lab Pit Bull Mix 20" L without tail, 26" L with tail
PCCOWPSM   Cow CarPets Puppet
THCOWLY   Cow Laying
PCCOWP   Cow Long-Sleeved Glove Puppet
FCOWLYLG   Cow Lying Plush Toy 30" L
UNCOW   Cow Plumpee
AACWRAP   Cow Wrapper
KMCOYCK   Coyote Cuddlekins 11"H
wacoypup   Coyote Pup
FOLKCOY   Coyote Puppet
wm682   Crazy Toys 1000 XL-Piece Puzzle
DCBHORSSH   Cream and Brown Horse Sshlumpie
DLAMBCMAT   Cream Lamb Cuddle Mat 22" x 30"
THCRKIT   Creme Kitten Standing 10.92" H
DCRSILOWL   Crescent Silver Owl
PCCROCPSM   Crocodile CarPets Puppet
PCCROCP   Crocodile Long-Sleeved Glove Puppet
FOLKCROCSTP   Crocodile Stage Puppet
THLEMCUD   Cuddly Lemur by Hansa 8.5" H
LP0079ZZCUP   Cupcakes 12 Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
LP0079ZZCUPII   Cupcakes II, 12 Mini Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DCCSPAN   Curly Cocker Spaniel
CBCTTROUT   Cutthroat Trout Fish
WACUTFISH   Cuttlefish 15" Long
aamidach   Dachshund Dog Miyoni Collection
NJDACHLG   Dachshund Nat & Jules
THDALM   Dalmatian 10"h
KMDALMCK   Dalmatian Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
DDCTER   Dandy Cairn Terrier
DDAPFER   Dapper Ferret
DDMCOON   Davey Maine Coon Cat
AEDYZOO   Day at the Zoo Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
WM1005   Days Gone Buy 300 Piece Puzzle
DDWHSHK   Decker Whale Shark 15" L
AEDARCH   Delicate Arches Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DDELBEAG   Dellwood Beagle 10" L
NJKOALG   Demdaco Koala (Nat & Jules Collection)
PHSTUJUM   Despicable Me 2 Talking Minion 16-inch Jumbo Plush - Stuart
plddonk   Dewey Donkey Floppy
DDICBLAB   Dickens Black Lab 32"l
ddprdog   Digger Prairie Dog
DDBEAV   Dillon Beaver
ddildach   Dilly Dachshund
DDIME   Dimetrodon Dinosaur with Sound Plush Toy 16"L
WM999   Diners 1000 Piece Puzzle
DDJKCHI   Disel Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix 16" L
EN4030816   Disney by Britto Stitch Figurine 7.5" H
dshel   Dixie Sheltie
NJDOBLG   Doberman Pinscher Plush Dog 14" L from Nat & Jules Collection
PVDODO   Dodo Bird 10" H
KMDODOCK   Dodo Bird Cuddlekins
DDOGSSH   Dog Sshlumpie 19" H
AEDOGW   Dog Walkers Dowdle 500 Piece Puzzle
LP5600DBAY   Dolphin Bay 500 Piece Puzzle
KMDOLCK   Dolphin Cuddlekin Plush 20" Long
WM648   Dolphin Kingdom 1000 XL-Piece Puzzle
WADOLPUP   Dolphin Puppet
FOLKDOLP   Dolphin Puppet by Folkmanis 16" L
RIBLDOL   Dolphin wtih Baby 22" L
DDMDALM   Domino Dalmatian Floppy Pup 13" L
DALPBMTN   Douglas Alps Bernese Mountain Dog
DAMPCAT   Douglas Amir Persian Cat
DBPPIG   Douglas Betina Pink Pig 9.5"L
DBHHOG   Douglas Bristles Hedgehog 6"H
DHORSSH   Douglas Brown Spot Horse Sshlumpie
DCHEET   Douglas Cheetah Cub
DCCHTC   Douglas Chillin' Cheetah Cub 12" L
DCYORK   Douglas Cody Yorkie
DDAWFAWN   Douglas Dawn Fawn 15" L
DDAZDRAG   Douglas Dazzly Dragon 8.5"
DDELFAWN   Douglas Delila Fawn 9" L
DDGBAPP   Douglas Diana Golden Blanket Appaloosa
DFPAP   Douglas Feathers Papillon
DZLONGHRN   Douglas Fitzgerald Longhorn 11" L
DFOGLAMB   Douglas Foggy Lamb 10"
DFRLLAM   Douglas Francois Llama
DFRROT   Douglas Fred Rottweiler
DFURFOX   Douglas Furbo Fox 16"L
DHBASH   Douglas Harold Basset Hound
DHILLAMB   Douglas Hildy Lamb 15" L
DIVYCHOW   Douglas Ivy Chow
DJPEG   Douglas Jewel Pegaus 12" H
DLAMBSSHN   Douglas Lamb Sshlumpie
DLANLLAM   Douglas Lance Llama
DLESNOWL   Douglas Legend Snowy Owl 10" H
DLOLLAM   Douglas Lola Llama 28" H with legs dangling, 21" H sitting
DOLALLAM   Douglas Oo La La Llama
DPBTIGC   Douglas Pancake Bengal Tiger Cub 12" L
DRKCHA   Douglas Regal King Charles Cav Spaniel
DREGCTCAT   Douglas Reginald Calico/Tortie Cat
DSAMSKU   Douglas Samantha Skunk 8.5" L
DSWTIGC   Douglas Silky White Tiger Cub 12" L
DSOFMAN   Douglas Softy Manatee
DSPLEOPC   Douglas Spatter Leopard Cub
DSSPRSPAN   Douglas Sprinter Springer Spaniel
DSLALL   Douglas Stream Line Alligator
DSUNI   Douglas Sunbeam Unicorn 12" H
DTRRAC   Douglas Tip Toes Raccoon 16" L
DTTRAC   Douglas Tip Toes Raccoon 16" L
DTWHTPOOD   Douglas Trisha White Poodle
DWSNOWL   Douglas Wizard Snowy Owl 8" H
DZROAD   Douglas Zip Road Runner 12" H
THDFLY   Dragonfly 13.26"L
DDOCT   Dreamy Octopus
THDUCKCK   Duck Chick with Feet
LP0832DHAV   Duck Haven 1000 Piece Puzzle
UNLDUCK   Duck Lying
FLYDUCK   Duck Lying Plush Toy 24" L
DDUCKSN   Duck Snuggler 13"l
AAMIDUCK   Duckling Miyoni Tots Collection 6.5" H
FOLKDUCKLING   Duckling Puppet
AADUMTAB   Dumpling Grey Tabby Fat Cat by Aurora 9" H
DDNGOAT   Duncan Goat 10" H by Douglas Cuddle Toy
CBDNCRAB   Dungeness Crab Plush
DDSHIB   Dunham Shiba Inu Standing 12" Long
DDGERSHT   Dusky German Shorthair Pointer 12"
FOLKDURAB   Dutch Rabbit Puppet
WM1039   Eagle Lake Lodge 1000 Piece Puzzle
uneag   Eagle Plumpee
THEAG   Eagle Plush Toy 27" L
feagsm   Eagle Standing
FPREAG   Eagle Standing 16" H
KMEAG   Eagle with Sound 6" High

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