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aeeer   Easter Egg Roll 500-Piece Puzzle
FOLKECHIP   Eastern Chipmunk Puppet 8"L
DECBLAB   Eclipse Black Lab Regal Dog 15" L
DEGHOWL   Einstein Great Horned Owl
unswan   Elegant White Swan
WATRELE   Elephant 10"
THELESM   Elephant 12"l
UNELEBK   Elephant Backpack
AAMBELE   Elephant Mom and Baby Destination Nation 15" L
DELEMUS   Elephant Musical 13" L
FOLKELE   Elephant Puppet
KMELESLCK   Elephant Seal Cuddllekin 13" Long
felesit   Elephant Sitting
RIBLELE   Elephant wtih Baby 11" H
cbelk   Elk Plush
WAELK   Elk Standing 12" Long
DELLELE   Elle Elephant 12" L
DELDON   Elwood Donkey 10" L without tail
FOLKPEN   Emperor Penguin Puppet 14" Hw
AAEMPPEN   Emperor Penguin Super Flopsie 24" H
RYENGBOOD   English Boodle Yomiko Classic
AAMIESPR   English Springer Spaniel Dog 11" L
AAESM   Esmeralda Calico Cat Flopsie
aaesmlg   Esmeralda Calico Cat Super Flopsie
DEWLLAM   Evelyn White Llama 12" H
DEWMAM   Everett Wolly Mammoth 8"l
LP0374FALL   Fall Farm Stand - 500 Piece Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle by Lafayette Puzzle Factory
LP5600FARMH   Farm Hands 500 Piece Puzzle
KMFAWNCK   Fawn Cuddlekins 12"L
DFAWN   Fawn Standing 11"
BP47939   Feathered Trio 750-pc puzzle
WATRFFOX   Fennec Fox
KMFFOXCK   Fennec Fox Cuddlekins 12"H
wafenfoxly   Fennec Fox Lying
AADNFFOXV   Fennec Fox Violet Destination Station by Aurora World 11" High
folkferr   Ferret Plush Puppet
AEFEST   Festival of Trees Dowdle Folk Art 300 Piece Puzzle
AECHFES   Festival of Trees Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
FOLKFID   Fiddler Puppet
FDOLPLG   Fiesta Dolphin 26"
FGALLIG   Fiesta Green Alligator 41" Long
FROOS   Fiesta Rooster Plush Toy 8"H
WM1049   Fill Her Up 1000 Piece Puzzle
DFLWHOR   Filomena White Horse 27" L
DFGWSHK   Fin Great White Shark 22" L
AAFSWANLX   Fiona Swan Luxe Boutique by Aurora 9" High
DFMDRAG   Fire Maker Dragon 11"h
DFLHORN   Fitzgerald Longhorn 11" L
KMSKINKCK   Five Lined Skink 18" L
unflam   Flamingo Puffy
DFSRAY   Flash Stingray 11"w
DFLDOL   Flip the Dolphin
FOLKFLBRAB   Floppy Bunny Rabbit Puppet
AAFLUCOW   Fluffer Cow by Aurora S'mores Collection 25" L
FOLKFLUCAT   Fluffy Cat Puppet
AEFLYACE   Flying Aces Dowdle 100 Piece Puzzle
AEFLYSCH   Flying School Dowdle Folk Art 100 Piece Puzzle
fflsq   Flying Squirrel Plush Toy
FOLKFLSQ   Flying Squirrel Puppet
FGAUTTUL   Forever Garden Autumn Tulips 250-Piece Puzzle
FGCHNAST   Forever Garden Childs Nasturtiums 250-Piece Puzzle
FGCURBROS   Forever Garden Currie Bros 250-Piece Puzzle
FGIOWASD   Forever Garden Iowa Seed 250-Piece Puzzle
FGSHDAHL   Forever Garden Show Dahlias 250-Piece Puzzle
FGTOMPEA   Forever Garden Tomatoes & Peas 250-Piece Puzzle
THFOXLYLG   Fox Floppy Lying Large 19" L
AAMIFOXLG   Fox Lying Large Miyoni Collection by Aurora
AAMIFOX   Fox Miyoni (Small)
AAFOXTBP   Fox Terrier Big Paw by Aurora 10" H in Sitting Position
RIBLFOX   Fox wtih Baby 11" H
mnjrgorgpup   Fraggle Rock Jr. Gorg Hand Puppet
mnmokpup   Fraggle Rock Mokey Hand Puppet
mnred   Fraggle Rock Red
mnwemb   Fraggle Rock Wembley
DFRANFOX   Francine Fox 7"
DFRASFOX   Fraser Fox Floppy 13" L
FOLKFBULLD   French Bulldog Puppet 16" L
FRINIGHT   Friday Night Garfiest Pizza, Ice Cream and PJ's Party
FRILUNCH   Friday Outing to Biltmore Estate including Hot Lunch Buffet
FOLKFRLIZ   Frilled Lizard 8"h
dschnf   Fritz Schnauzer
SKMFRBOO   Frog 11"h
DFROGSSH   Frog Sshlumpie 19" L
DFPENCK   Frost Penguin Chick Large by Douglas Cuddle Toy 15" H
FOLKFCKN   Funky Chicken Puppet by Folkmanis 12" H
DJJCHIPUR   Furry Coutur JJ Chijuajua Purse
AAFUZELE   Fuzzy L. E. Phants Elephant Plush Toy 15"
WAGATORT   Galapagos Tortoise by Wildlife Artists 31" Long
LP5600GCATS   Garden Cats 500 Piece Puzzle
WEG15965   Garfield "Am I cute or what" Ceramic Tile
weg15283   Garfield "Am I Cute or What" Figurine
weg15291   Garfield "Bean Me" Mug
WEG15966   Garfield "Hugs...No Waiting" Ceramic Tile
weg15292   Garfield "I'm Up for a Cup" Mug
weg15287   Garfield "Is That Your Face" Bobble Plaque
weg15288   Garfield "Read my Lips" Bobble Plaque
wd31155   Garfield "With Attitude" Golf Club Cover
WEG15967   Garfield "Yes I Am Ignoring You" Ceramic Tile
weg15281   Garfield "Yes I am Ignoring You" Figurine
WEG15969   Garfield & Arlene Wedding Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers
WEG15972   Garfield & FRIENDS Magnetic Salt & Pepper Shakers
NYGF552   Garfield 500 Piece All Dressed Up Puzzle
weg15286   Garfield and Arlene Tails Trinket Box
NYGF553   Garfield and Friends 300 Piece Puzzle
gf61008   Garfield and Odie 12-Piece Melamine Tableware Set
gf61006   Garfield and Odie Serving Tray
WEG15964   Garfield and Pooky Best Friends Forever Ceramic Tile
weg15285   Garfield and Pooky BFF Trinket Box
KAGF7121   Garfield Applique Stocking
weg15282   Garfield Approach Figurine
GEGARFBBCAP   Garfield Baseball Cap
YAGARBP   Garfield Baseball Player Trexi Figurine 2.5" H
weg15953   Garfield Bear Hug Waterglobe
kagf1101   Garfield Bow and Present Ornaments
WEG15962   Garfield Cats Rule...Dogs Drool Spinner Mug
gf61009   Garfield Children's 5-Piece Tableware Set
gf61010   Garfield Chip and Dip Bowl
AAGARFCOOK   Garfield Christmas Plush
nrgcol   Garfield Collage 1000-Piece Puzzle
nygf551   Garfield Comic Strip 1000-Piece Puzzle
weg15956   Garfield Comic Strip Waterglobe
weg15294   Garfield Eating Spaghetti Salt & Pepper Shakers
weg15955   Garfield Fastest Cat in Town Waterglobe
weg15957   Garfield Feeling Lucky Bank
GEGARFHAT   Garfield Fleece Cap
AAGARFLG   Garfield Floppy Large Plush
kagf4111   Garfield Glass Polonaise Ornament
wd20229   Garfield Golf Club Cover
weg15951   Garfield Happy Birthday Figurine
WIGARFLAN   Garfield LED Lantern with Timer 10.5" High
weg15277   Garfield Lie-Downs Figurine
WEG15963   Garfield Life's a Beach Polyester Tote Bag
wd31215   Garfield Magnetic Ball Marker and Hat Clip
AAGARFM   Garfield Medium Floppy Plush
WEG15968   Garfield Moonlighting Nightlight
WEG15961   Garfield Never Trust Smiling Cat Spinner Mug
weg15954   Garfield One Snack at a Time Waterglobe
GEGARFCPUR   Garfield Plush Coin Purse
WD20330   Garfield Putter Cover
kagf2103   Garfield Resin Plaque Ornaments
kagf2112   Garfield Resin Vintage Plaque Ornaments
FEGARF   Garfield Shakems Bobble Head Statue by Factory Entertainment
WEG15258   Garfield Smarter Than I Look Waterglobe
FEGARFGE   Garfield Statue Gallery Edition by Factory Entertainment
PPGARSUCAR   Garfield Suction Cup "You and Me Make a Carpool"
AAGARFCL   Garfield Suction Cup Clinging Around
gf61007   Garfield Tempered Glass Cutting Board
AAGARFSM   Garfield the Cat 7"
WIGARFCAR   Garfield the Cat in Red Sprots Car LED Lighted Statue
WIGARFMCYC   Garfield the Cat on Motorcycle LED Lighted Statue
WIGARFWEED   Garfield the Cat Will Weed for Food Statue 11" H
WEG15970   Garfield Too Cool Ceramic Cookie Jar
YAGARF   Garfield Trexi Figurine 2.5" H
GEGARFWS   Garfield Wall Scroll
wd35000   Garfield with Attitude Golf Towel
KAGF2122   Garfield with Fish Tank Resin Ornament
WD13500   Garfield with Floral Shirt Golf Club Cover
FEGARFSUB   Garfield with Submarine Sandwich Shakems Bobble Head
dgengshep   General German Shepherd
aamigshep   German Shepherd Dog Miyoni
KMPSGSHEP   German Shepherd Pet Shop Collection 12" H
THGSHEP   German Shepherd Sitting 14"h
NJGSPOINT   German Shorthaired Pointerl Plush Dog from Nat & Jules Collection
cbghstcrab   Ghost Crab Plush
RIGANA   Giant Anaconda Snake 100" L
FOLKGCLAM   Giant Clam Puppet 7" Wide
foctxlg   Giant Octopus
kmsquid   Giant Squid
aaghye   Giggler the Hyena
DGIBPOOD   Gigi Black Poodle 8" Long
PCGCATPSM   Ginger Cat CarPets Puppet
DGINGIR   Ginger Giraffe
THGINCAT   Ginger Kitten - Orange Tabby Kitten Cat 7" High
fgirbk   Giraffe Backpack
UNGIRBK   Giraffe Backpack
FGIRLY   Giraffe Lying Down
AAMBGIR   Giraffe Mom and Baby Destination Nation 15" H
fgirsit   Giraffe Sitting
wagir   Giraffe Sitting
RIBLGIR   Giraffe wtih Baby 11" H
DGZTMCT   Gizmo Tan Mixed Cat 9.5" L
DGLHUSK   Glacier Husky Dog Regal Pup 15" L
AASEALSM   Glacier White Seal
DGLGAPP   Glisten Golden Appaloosa Horse
THGOATLF   Goat Life Size by Hansa Toys 42" L
NJGOATLG   Goat Nat & Jules Collection
FOLKGOAT   Goat Puppet
CBGFINCH   Gold Finch 6"h
aamiglablg   Golden Lab Dog Miyoni
AAMIGLABP   Golden Lab with Puppy Miyoni
RIGOLD   Golden Retriever Dog 9" H
aamigretlg   Golden Retriever Dog Miyoni 16" Long
KMPSGRET   Golden Retriever Pet Shop Collection 12" H
FOLKGRET   Golden Retriever Puppet
FOLKGRETSM   Golden Retriever Puppy Puppet
NJGRETXL   Golden Retriever XL 18"l
AASGGTAM   Golden Tamarin Signature
DTGDRAG   Golden Topaz Dragon 7"h
DGOLTIG   Goldenrod Tiger 10"l

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