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RIHLPTER   Pteranodon Dinosaur 10" H
DPUDYORK   Puddin Yorkshire Terrier 10" L
AAPUDHIP   Pudding Hippo by Aurora S'mores Collection 25" L
NJPUGLG   Pug Dog by Nat & Jules
AAMIPUG   Pug Dog Miyoni
KMPSPUG   Pug Pet Shop Collection 9" H
AAMIQUOK   Quokka Miyoni Collection by Aurora 6.5" High
FOLKRHAT   Rabbit in Hat Puppet
THRABLG   Rabbit Large 15" H
PCRABP   Rabbit Long-Sleeved Glove Puppet
FOLKRABSTP   Rabbit Stage Puppet
KMRACCK   Raccoon Cuddlekins 12"H
AAMIRACLG   Raccoon Miyoni Collection by Aurora 10" High
NJRACLG   Raccoon Plush Toy from the Nat & Jules Collection
FOLKRACN   Raccoon Puppet 13" H
DRAFOWL   Rafter Barn Owl
DRBPUNI   Rainbow Princess Unicorn Large 23" L
CBTROUT   Rainbow Trout
WARTROUTLG   Rainbow Trout
WASALMON   Rainbow Trout
DRAMCOY   Rambler Coyote
WARATTSNK   Rattlesnake 52"
WARSNK   Rattlesnake 55" L
FRSNK   Rattlesnake 73"
AAMIRSNK   Rattlesnake Miyoni Collection by Aurora 13" High
FOLKRAV   Raven Puppet
DRGRCTH   Rebecca Gray Stripe Cat Handful 8" long without tail
KMRDFOXLGCK   Red Fox Cuddlekins 12"H
FOLKRFOX   Red FoxPuppet 20" L including tail
FOLKROCT   Red Octopus Puppet 19" L
WARPAN   Red Panda
RIBLRPAN   Red Panda wtih Baby 11" H
KMRRHOGCK   Red River Hog Cuddlekins
DRRDRAG   Red Ruby Dragon 7"h
FOLKRDSQ   Red Squirrel Puppet 12" L
frsq   Red Squirrel with Acorn
KMRHAWKCK   Red Tailed Hawk
WARTMON   Red Titi Monkey Plush Toy 17.5" H
WARBTURTSM   Red-Bellied Turtle 7" long
KMRHAWK   Red-Tailed Hawk Audubon Bird
LP0079ZZFISHII   Reef Fish II - 16 Mini Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DRYLPIT   Reese Yellow Lab Pit Bull Mix 17" L
aareag   Regal Eagle Bird
KMREINCK   Reindeer Cuddlekins 15" H including antlers
WARESTIG   Researcher with White Tiger
DRHGSHEP   Rhea German Shepherd 10" L
RIBLRHI   Rhino wtih Baby 14" L
ribush   Rhode Island Bush Baby
DRICROOS   Ricardo Rooster 10.5" High without legs
RIBLROTT   Rier Otter wtih Baby 11" H
RIBLRTLEM   Ring Tail Lemur wtih Baby 10" H
AASGRTLEM   Ring Tailed Lemur Signature
THRTPOSS   Ringtail possum 9.75" H
DRGPYR   River Great Pyrenees by Douglas 18" Long
AAMIRIVOTT   River Otter Miyoni Collection by Aurora 13" Long
WAROTT   River Otter Plush Toy 15"
FOLKROTT   River Otter Puppet
WAROADR   Roadrunner 14" Long with Tail
CBROB   Robin by Cabin Critters 6"H
THRWAL   Rock Wallaby 11"
FOLKROO   Rooster Puppet
DRORBUN   Rory Deluxe Bunny 20" L
AAROSKIT   Rosie White Kitty Cat
AAMIROTT   Rottweiler Miyoni Collection by Aurora 11" Long
KMROT   Rottweiler Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
UNRPCOW   Roundy Pals Cow
LP5800CBOOTS   Rows of Colorful Cowboy Boots 500 Piece Puzzle
DRFOXF   Roxy Fox Plush Toy
FOLKRYPRCS   Royal Princess Puppet 11" H
kmhum   Ruby Hummingbird with Sound
DRUDCORG   Rudy Corgi Floppy Pup 13" L
DRUBUG   Russo Pug Standing 12" Long
DRUPUG   Russo Pug Standing 12" Long
DRYRAC   Ryker Raccoon by Douglas 13" L (18" L with tail)
AASACHSKNK   Sachet Skunk Flopsie
AASOSTLX   Sadira Ostrich Luxe Boutique by Aurora 10.5" High
AASPLATLX   Sage Playtpus Luxe Boutique by Aurora 26" Long
dsagphor   Sage Super Pinto
cbsailf   Sailfish Plush
THSAM   Samoyed Puppy 11"l
KMSNDSHKCK   Sand Shark Cuddllekin 20" Long
washkstig   Sand Tiger Shark
WASCRANE   Sandhill Crane 10" H with legs dangling
THCRANE   Sandhill Crane by Hansa 29" H
FGELF   Santa's Secret Elf Girl 12"h
SWAPMEET   Saturday Morning Garfest Swap Meet Tables
SATBANQ   Saturday Night Garfest Hershey Kiss Hat Night Buffet and Live Auction
DSAVSWAN   Savannah Swan 11" L
KMSAWFCK   Sawfish Cuddllekin 22.5" Long
WASMACLG   Scarlet Macaw by Wildlife Artists 12" H
DSCAFOX   Scarlett Fox by Douglas 12" Long
KMPSSCH   Schnauzer Pet Shop Collection 10.5" H
DSCBWCAT   Scooter Black & White Cat
THSCORP   Scorpion 9.36"L
KMSCORCK   Scorpion Cuddlekin 12"
FOLKSFCAT   Scottish Fold Cat Puppet by Folkmanis 12"L
NJSCOT   Scottish Terrier Plush Dog Large 12" L
DSCYLAB   Scout Yellow Lab Lying Large 32" L
FOLKSCROWL   Screech Owl Puppet 6"h
waseah   Sea Horse
THSLION   Sea Lion Cub by Hansa 14" L
waslion   Sea Lion Plush Toy 25"
WASOTTXL   Sea Otter 31" Long including tail
FSCOTT   Sea Otter Holding Star 35" Long
KMSOTTJUM   Sea Otter Laying Dog Jumbo Cuddlekins 24" L
AAMBSOTT   Sea Otter Mom and Baby Destination Nation 16" L
AADNSOTTPK   Sea Otter Pink Destination Station by Aurora World 12" High
UNSOTT   Sea Otter Plumpee 9" H
WASOTT   Sea Otter Plush Toy 14"
FOLKSOTT   Sea Otter Puppet 18" L
FOLKSEASP   Sea Serpent Puppet 22" L
FSTURTB   Sea Turlte w/Baby 14.5" L
AAMBSTURT   Sea Turtle Mom and Baby Destination Nation 16" L
FOLKSTURT   Sea Turtle Puppet by Folkmanis 16" L
RIBLSTURT   Sea Turtle wtih Baby 12" L
AASWRAP   Seal Wrapper
DSSTURT   Seaweed Sea Turtle 9" L
DSHIMCT   Sebastian the Himalayan Cat 19"L
LP0468SERCH   Serenity Church 1000 Piece Puzzle
FSERVSIT   Serval Sitting by Fiesta Toy 12" High
FSTARFSET   Set of 3 Starfish Plush Toys (Blue, Green, Orange) 11" L
dssgull   Seymour Seagull
LP7350SLSUM   Shangri-La Summer Special Effect Holographic 1000 Piece Puzzle
LP7350SLWIN   Shangri-La Summer Special Effect Holographic 1000 Piece Puzzle
FOLKSHK   Shark Puppet
THFLYFSH   Sharp Chin Flying Fish
dshasq   Shasta Squirrel
dcolf   Sheba Collie
DSHBSHEP   Sheba German Shepherd
NJSHEEPD   Sheepdog Plush Dog from Nat & Jules Collection
FOLKSDOG   Sheepdog Puppet
DSHBMTN   Sherlock Bernese Mountain Dog Floppy Pup 13" L
DSHERGR   Sherman Golden Retriever 32"l
DSHERMED   Sherman Golden Retriever Medium 26" L
NJSHIB   Shiba-Inu Plush Dog by Nat & Jules 9" Long
THSHIBR   Shih Tzu Brown and White 10" H
AAMISHIH   Shih Tzu Pup Miyoni Tots Collection by Aurora 9" High
LP0079ZZSHOE   Shoes 12 Mini Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DSPDRAG   Shreya Pink Dragon Light/Sound 23" L
KMPSSIAM   Siamese Pet Shop Collection 10.5" H
AAMISIAMSM   Siamese Cat Miyoni 8" Long
NJSIAMLG   Siamese Cat Nat & Jules
KMSIBTIGCK   Siberian Tiger Orange Cuddlekins 11"H
pnsdolpp   Silver Dollar Pancake Puppy
DSISLOTH   Simon the Sloth 8'h
KMSKUNKCK   Skunk Cuddlekins Collection 12" L
FOLKSKUNK   Skunk Puppet
FOLKSKYDRAG   Sky Dragon Puppet 22" H
dslduck   Slicker Baby Duck
WASLOTHXL   Sloth Extra Large Plush Toy 30" H
KMSLOTHJUM   Sloth Jumbo Cuddlekins 30" H
AAMBSLOTH   Sloth Mom and Baby Destination Nation 12" H Sitting
WASLOTH   Sloth Plush Toy 17" H
AADNSLOTHP   Sloth Purple Destination Station by Aurora World 11" High Sitting
FSCSLTH   Sloth Sitting 9" High
AASLOTHXL   Sloth Super Flopsie by Aurora 28" Full Length
KMSLORCK   Slow Loris WIild Republic Cuddlekins Collection 11" Long
FOLKSLOR   Slow Loris Puppet 15" L
DSLYFEN   Sly Fennec Fox Sitting 11" H
FOLKPANSM   Small Panda Puppet
FOLKPEACSM   Small Peacock Puppet by Folkmanis
WAPRONGSM   Small Pronghorn Antelope
FOLKSNOWLSM   Small Snowy Owl 8"h
KMSMILCK   Smilodon Cuddlekins 12"
DSMWOLF   Smoke Wolf by Douglas 16" L
DSMGRYCT   Smokey the Grey Cat 19"L
EOSMKBR   Smokey Bear 12"
WASNPTURT   Snapping Turtle by Wildlife Artists 15" L
THSNLEP   Snow Leopard Cub 17" High
AADNSLEO   Snow Leopard Destination Station by Aurora World 12" High
THSNLEPLY   Snow Leopard Jacquard Laying by Hansa 24" Long
AAMISLEO   Snow Leopard Miyoni Collection by Aurora 12" High
DSQAFOX   Snow Queen Arctic Fox 10" H
THSNWRAB   Snow Rabbit
UNSNOWL   Snow White Owl Plumpee
DSWHTCT   Snowball the White Cat 9" H
wasowlsm   Snowy Owl 7"
UNOWLSM   Snowy Owl Baby Plumpee
KMSOWLCK   Snowy Owl Cuddlekins
FOLKOWL   Snowy Owl Puppet
CBSALSM   Sockeye Salmon Fish 10" Long
CBSAL   Sockeye Salmon Fish 17" Long
LP0079ZZSBIRDII   Song Birds II 15 Mini Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DSOPGRET   Sophie Golden Retriever Regal Dog 15" L
AESTHBCH   South Beach Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
UNSPAN   Spaniel Plumpee
RISPSEAH   Sparkle Seahorse
THSPAR   Sparrow Plush Toy by Hansa 3" H
dsbtdachf   Spats Black and Tan Dachshund
DSPMSEAL   Speckles Monk Seal 12"L
dsptort   Speedy Tortoise
FSPWHAL   Sperm Whale Plush Toy 31" L
WASPMONK   Spider Monkey Plush Toy 18" H
DSPNWHAL   Spike Narwhal 15" L
DSSPWHAL   Splash Sperm Whale 18" L
DSTIGSHK   Splatter Tiger Shark 24" L
AAMISPOOD   Spoodle Pup Miyoni Tots Collection by Aurora 8" High
WASPRAY   Spotted Eagle Stringray
kmspjel   Spotted Jellyfish
AAMISPPIG   Spotted Pig Miyoni Collection by Aurora 11" Long

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