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KMPFAL   Peregrine Falcon with Sound 6"H
KMPFALII   Peregrine Falcon with Sound 7"H
plpika   Peter Pika
plporc   Peter Porcupine
cbpheas   Pheasant Plush
AEPHILA   Philadelphia Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DPHPOM   Phoebe Pomsky 10" L
DPHWOLF   Phoenix Wolf 13" L
AAPICKPIG   Pickles Pig Flopsie
KMPIGJUM   Pig Laying Jumbo Cuddlekins 24" L
FLYPIG   Pig Lying Plush Toy 24" L
unpig   Pig Plumpee
AAPIGASUS   Pigasus Large by Aurora World
AAPIGGOLO   Piggolo Pink Pig
FOLKPIGGY   Piggy Puppet
FOLKPIGLET   Piglet Puppet
RPPIG   Pigmaillion Pig
WAPIKA   Pika by Wildlife Artists 7"L
DPBALBG   Pink Ballerina Bag with White Horse 7"w
dpbutpur   Pink Butterfly Purse
DPDOGSN   Pink Dog Snuggler 13"
wamerd   Pink Mermaid with Dolphin
AAPPELELG   Pink Promise Elephant Large 14"
AAPPELEM   Pink Promise Elephant Medium 12"
wauni   Pink Unicorn by Wildllife Artists
AEPTREK   Pioneer Trek Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DPIPPIT   Piper Pit Bull 8" Long
NJPIR   Pirate Activity Doll 15" High
wapir   Pirate Plush Toy 12" H
unpirfp   Pirate Ship Finger Puppet Set
PCPIRP   Pirate Time for Story Puppet
FPLAT   Platypus
KMPLATCK   Platypus Plush Toy 18" L
LP5600PTIME   Playtime in the Garden 500 Piece Puzzle
DDOGCPAL   Playtivity Dog 11"h
UNBEELG   Plumpee Bee Large 13" High
dpcowhor   Poke Cowhorse
WATRPBEAR   Polar Bear 12" Tall
FOLKPBEARC   Polar Bear Cub Puppet 14" L
THPBEARMED   Polar Bear Cub Standing by Hansa 19" L
AAMIPBEAR   Polar Bear Miyoni
AAMIPBEARC   Polar Bear with Cub Miyoni
THPOMST   Pomeranian Dog Standing 10" H
RPONSM   Poncho the Pug
DPONYLP   Pony Little Pal
unpony   Pony Plumpee
DPSHIBW   Poofy Shih-Tzu Black and White Floppy 10" L
typookchr   Pooky (Garfield's Bear)
AAPOOK   Pooky Bear Plush Toy 6" H
cbporc   Porcupine Plush
WAPORC   Porcupine Plush Toy 12" L
FOLKPORC   Porcupine Puppet 13" L
wpporc   Porcupine Wishpet
aeporth   Portland Head Lighthouse 300-Piece Puzzle
AAPOSS   Possum Flopsie
FPBPIG   Pot Belly Pig
WM1035   Potato Chips 1000 Piece Puzzle
KMPOTPIG   Potbelly Pig 12" Long
WAPRDOG   Prairie Dog Plush Toy 11" H
CBPANT   Pronghorn Antelope 14" Long
DPUDYORK   Puddin Yorkshire Terrier 10" L
AEPVAL   Puerto Vallarta 500 pc Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle
dpbbich   Puff Ball Bichon Pup
NJPUGLG   Pug Dog by Nat & Jules
AAMIPUG   Pug Dog Miyoni
KMPSPUG   Pug Pet Shop Collection 9" H
KMQUAIL   Quail with Sound
FOLKRHAT   Rabbit in Hat Puppet
PCRABLETP   Rabbit in Lettuce Hide-away Puppet with 6 Mini Bugs
THRABLG   Rabbit Large 15" H
PCRABP   Rabbit Long-Sleeved Glove Puppet
NJRABLG   Rabbit Nat & Jules Collection
KMRACCK   Raccoon Cuddlekins 12"H
NJRACLG   Raccoon Plush Toy from the Nat & Jules Collection
FOLKRACN   Raccoon Puppet 13" H
AASGRAC   Raccoon Signature
FOLKRACSTP   Raccoon Stage Puppet
plroad   Racine Roadrunner
DRADBROWL   Radar Brown Owl
DRAFOWL   Rafter Barn Owl
cbtrout   Rainbow Trout
WARTROUTLG   Rainbow Trout
WASALMON   Rainbow Trout
DRAMCOY   Rambler Coyote
DRANRAC   Ranger Raccoon 8" H
WARATTSNK   Rattlesnake 52"
WARSNK   Rattlesnake 55" L
FRSNK   Rattlesnake 73"
JGRSNK   Rattlesnake Jaag
FOLKRAV   Raven Puppet
PCRDRAGP   Red Dragon Puppet
KMRDFOXLGCK   Red Fox Cuddlekins 12"H
NJFOXLG   Red Fox Plush Toy from the Nat & Jules Collection
frfox   Red Fox Sitting
WARFOXSIT   Red Fox Sitting 16" H
FOLKRFOX   Red FoxPuppet 20" L including tail
WPLOB   Red Lobster 10"
FROCTXLG   Red Ocotopus Extra Large by Fiesta 32" Long
FOLKROCT   Red Octopus Puppet 19" L
WARPAN   Red Panda
FOLKRPAN   Red Panda Puppet
RIBLRPAN   Red Panda wtih Baby 11" H
KMRRHOGCK   Red River Hog Cuddlekins
DRRDRAG   Red Ruby Dragon 7"h
FOLKRDSQ   Red Squirrel Puppet 12" L
frsq   Red Squirrel with Acorn
KMRHAWKCK   Red Tailed Hawk
WARHAWK   Red Tailed Hawk 8" H
WARDWOLF   Red Wolf by Wildlife Artists 11"H
WARBTURTSM   Red-Bellied Turtle
KMRHAWK   Red-Tailed Hawk Audubon Bird
LP0079ZZFISH   Reef Fish 18 Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
LP0079ZZFISHII   Reef Fish II - 16 Shaped Puzzles 500 Piece Total by Lafayette Puzzle Company
DRYLPIT   Reese Yellow Lab Pit Bull Mix 17" L
aareag   Regal Eagle Bird
WARESTIG   Researcher with White Tiger
WM1050   Retro, Retro, Retro 1000 Piece Puzzle
DRHGSHEP   Rhea German Shepherd 10" L
RIBLRHI   Rhino wtih Baby 14" L
ribush   Rhode Island Bush Baby
RIWOLFBK   Rhode Island Novelty Gray Wolf Backpack 18.5"H
RIHRHAMSK   Rhode Island Novelty Heritage Hammerhead Shark 16"
RIHERWAL   Rhode Island Novelty Heritage Walrus
RIMARLIN   Rhode Island Novelty Printed Marlin 20"
RIBLROTT   Rier Otter wtih Baby 11" H
RIBLRTLEM   Ring Tail Lemur wtih Baby 10" H
AASGRTLEM   Ring Tailed Lemur Signature
THRTPOSS   Ringtail possum 9.75" H
FOLKROTT   River Otter Puppet
THRWAL   Rock Wallaby 11"
AEROCKF   Rockefeller Center Winter Fun Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
WARHPEN   Rockhopper Penguin
plrmtgoat   Rocky Mountain Goat
drpug   Rocky the Pug
PCROOSPSM   Rooster CarPets Puppet
FOLKROO   Rooster Puppet
LP5600ROSE   Rose Cottage 500 Piece Puzzle
AAROSKIT   Rosie White Kitty Cat
KMROT   Rottweiler Sitting Cuddlekins 10"H
droupig   Rouge Pig
UNRPCOW   Roundy Pals Cow
WM747   Route 66 1000 XL-Piece Puzzle
LP5800CBOOTS   Rows of Colorful Cowboy Boots 500 Piece Puzzle
AAROXCAT   Roxie Orange and White Tabby Cat
DRFOXF   Roxy Fox Plush Toy
FOLKRYPRIN   Royal Prince Puppet 11" H
FOLKRYPRCS   Royal Princess Puppet 11" H
kmhum   Ruby Hummingbird with Sound
DRUDCORG   Rudy Corgi Floppy Pup 13" L
unsant   Sable Antelope
AASACHSKNK   Sachet Skunk Flopsie
dsagphor   Sage Super Pinto
cbsailf   Sailfish Plush
THSAM   Samoyed Puppy 11"l
AESANAN   San Antonio 500 Piece Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle
AESANDG   San Diego 500 Piece Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle
AESANFR   SAN FRANCISCO Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
KMSNDSHKCK   SAnd Shark Cuddllekin 20" Long
washkstig   Sand Tiger Shark
THCRANE   Sandhill Crane by Hansa 29" H
AESBARB   Santa Barbara Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
AESANMON   Santa Monica Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
FGELF   Santa's Secret Elf Girl 12"h
AESANWSHP   Santa's Workshop Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
SWAPMEET   Saturday Morning Garfest Swap Meet Tables
SATBANQ   Saturday Night Garfest Bah Humbug! Buffet and Live Auction
FOLKSWOWL   Saw-Whet Owl Puppet by Folkmanis
KMSAWFCK   Sawfish Cuddllekin 22.5" Long
AESCARF1000   Scarecrow Festival 1000 pc Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle
AESCARF   Scarecrow Festival Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
WASMACLG   Scarlet Macaw by Wildlife Artists 12" H
AAMISCHNAULG   Schnauzer Dog Miyoni
NJSCHNLG   Schnauzer Nat & Jules Collection
KMPSSCH   Schnauzer Pet Shop Collection 10.5" H
DSCBWCAT   Scooter Black & White Cat
THSCORP   Scorpion 9.36"L
KMSCORCK   Scorpion Cuddlekin 12"
FOLKSFCAT   Scottish Fold Cat Puppet by Folkmanis 12"L
AESCOTT   Scottsdale Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DSCYLAB   Scout Yellow Lab Lying Large 32" L
FOLKSCROWL   Screech Owl Puppet 6"h
waseah   Sea Horse
THSLION   Sea Lion Cub by Hansa 14" L
waslion   Sea Lion Plush Toy 25"
KMSOTT   Sea Otter 11"
WASOTTLG   Sea Otter 24" Long including tail
WASOTTXL   Sea Otter 31" Long including tail
KMSOTTJUM   Sea Otter Laying Dog Jumbo Cuddlekins 24" L
fsottbk   Sea Otter Plush Backpack
WASOTT   Sea Otter Plush Toy 14"
FOLKSOTT   Sea Otter Puppet 18" L
FOLKSEASP   Sea Serpent Puppet 22" L
FSTURTB   Sea Turlte w/Baby 14.5" L
FOLKSTURT   Sea Turtle Puppet by Folkmanis 16" L
RIBLSTURT   Sea Turtle wtih Baby 12" L
AASWRAP   Seal Wrapper
AESEAS   Seaside Dowdle Folk Art Puzzle 500 PC
DSSTURT   Seaweed Sea Turtle 9" L
DSHIMCT   Sebastian the Himalayan Cat 19"L
AESEDONA   Sedona Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle

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