Muppet Puppets & Fraggle Puppets

Fraggle Rock is a TV show that’s successfully survived between generations to bring people of all ages, fun, laughter, and above all, life lessons. You’ll find a variety of your most treasured characters here in both plush and Muppet puppets. All of the old favorites are here. There’s Gobo Fraggle, the adventures explorer, and his equally adventurous uncle Traveling Matt. Mokey is the sweet and creative friend to all, along with her best friend, the energetic Red. Wembley is the youngest Fraggle puppet and cute to boot. Doom and gloom Boober is also here, along with loyal Sprocket and an adorable Junior Gorg.

With all these Muppet show puppets you can rest assured there’s no shortage of fan favorites here. Fraggle Rock is one of those rare children’s shows that manages to bridge the gap of time between generations and becomes a darling memory of youth to be treasured as an adult. Whether you’re looking for a gift for little ones or recapturing nostalgia, take a look at this wide variety of your favorite childhood pals.