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cbmahi   Mahi Mahi Fish
DMLPAN   Mai Ling Panda 15" l
NJMCOONLG   Maine Coon Cat Nat & Jules
DMAJGSHEP   Major German Shepherd Lying Large 32" L
CBMAKO   Mako Shark 17"
WAMDUCKSM   Mallard Duck
THMDUCKB   Mallard Duck Baby by Hansa 4.5" H
CBMDUCK   Mallard Duck By Cabin Critters 10" H
AAMALBDOG   Mallow Bulldog by Aurora S'mores Collection 25" L
NJMALTSM   Maltese Plush Dog from the Nat & Jules Collection
AAMIMALT   Maltese Pup Miyoni Tots Collection by Aurora 9" Long
FMANMED   Manatee 15"
WAMAN   Manatee 16" L
KMMANJUM   Manatee Jumbo Cuddlekins 32"L
FMANB   Manatee w/Baby 10.5" L
wpmanb   Manatee with Baby
AAMSLOTHLX   Mandra Sloth Luxe Boutique by Aurora 10" High
DWALCHOR   Maple Chestnut Horse 16"
DMAPCHOR   Maple Chestnut Horse 22"
DMARYLABLG   Marcy Yellow Lab Floppy 20"L
DMAROSCT   Marmalade Orange Stripe Cat 13"L
THMARSM   Marmot Baby 9"H
FMMPLAT   Marshmallow Platypus 21" L
dmpbear   Marshmallow Polar Bear
FMMSGULL   Marshmallow Seagull 12" L
DMMOCAT   Marty the Mocha Cat 13"L
DMAUFLHOR   Maureen Floppy Pinto Hrose by Douglas Cuddle Toy 23" Long
AAMAURY   Maury Moose
aamaycow   May Bell Cow Flopsie
DMCCLYD   McClay Clydesdale Standing 15" H
AASGMEER   Meerkat Signature (Large)
AASGJMEER   Meerkat Signature (Small)
KMMEERCK   Meerkat Wild Republic
DMKANGB   Melbourne Kangaroo with Joey 8"h
DMEMBEAR   Memphis Black Bear 12" H
DMBGDRAG   Merlin Black and Gold Dragon
LPMCAR   Merry Carousel 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Lafayette Puzzle Factory
LPMGR   Merry Go Round 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle by Lafayette Puzzle Factory
DMGFDRAG   Midas Drago 22.5" L
DMBLKCAT   Midnight Black Cat
AAMRACLX   Mika Raccoon Luxe Boutique by Aurora 9" High
DMIKSEAL   Miki Greay Seal 10"L
DMAUSDOOD   Miles Aussie Doodle 10" L
KMHSEALCK   Mini Harp Seal Cuddlekins 9.5"L
KMRFOXCK   Mini Red Fox Cuddlekins 8" H
KMMAFOXCK   Mini Arctic Fox Cuddlekins by Wild Republic
KMMBEAVCK   Mini Beaver Cuddlekins 8" H
KMCHAMCK   Mini Chameleon Cuddlekins 10.5" L
KMMHUMCK   Mini Hummingbird Cuddlekins 7.5"
KMKRAT   Mini Kangaroo Rat Cuddlekins 7" H
KMMOULCK   Mini Lemur Mouse Cuddlekins
KMMLORCK   Mini Lorikeet Cuddlekins 6.5"
KMWOLFCKSM   Mini Wolf Cuddlekins by Wild Republic 8"
DMBERN   Miranda Bernese Mountain Dog
DMPGNARSM   Misty Light Pink/Gold Narwhal 15.5" L
DMPNAR   Misty Narwhal Light Pink with Light/Sound 24" L
AAACBP   Miyoni Angora Cat & Beagle Puppy 10"L
AAMICALCAT   Miyoni Calico Cat 10" L
AACLAK   Miyoni Chocolate Lab & Angora Kitten 8"L
AABCOL   Miyoni Collection Border Collie Dog 11" L
AAMIGRPUP   Miyoni Collection Golden Retriever Pup Dog 8" H
AAMIPOM   Miyoni Collection Pomeranian Dog 9" L
AAMIGIR   Miyoni Giraffe 17" H
AAMILION   Miyoni Lion Medium 12" L
AAMISLOTH   Miyoni Sloth 8" H
AAMITTSLTH   Miyoni Three-Toed Sloth 10" High
KMMBBIS   Mom and Baby Bison (Buffalo) Plush Toy 12" L
KMMBBLKBR   Mom and Baby Black Bear 15" L
KMMBCHIMP   Mom and Baby Chimp Plush Toy 12" H
KMMBDOL   Mom and Baby Dolphin 17" L
KMMBKOA   Mom and Baby Koala 12" H
KMMBTIG   Mom and Baby Orange Tiger Plush Toy 13" L
KMMBORAN   Mom and Baby Orangutan Plush Toy 12" H
KMMBORCA   Mom and Baby Orca Whale Plush Toy 15" L
KMMBPBEAR   Mom and Baby Polar Bear Plush Toy 13.5" L
KMMBROTT   Mom and Baby River Otter 14" L
KMMBSOTT   Mom and Baby Sea Otter Plush Toy14" L
KMMBSTURT   Mom and Baby Sea Turtle 15" Long
KMMBSLOTH   Mom and Baby Sloth Plush Toy 12" H
KMMBWTIG   Mom and Baby WhiteTiger Plush Toy 13" L
THMBUT   Monarch Butterfly 5"l
FOLKMONARCH   Monarch Life Cycle Butterfly Puppet 22" Wide
DMAFGHLX   Monica Dlux Afghan Hound by Douglas 20" L
DMONCMAT   Monkey Cuddle Mat 22" x 30"
FOLKMONBAR   Monkey in Barrel Puppet
FOLKMONK   Monkey Puppet
KMMOOSJUM   Moose Jumbo by Wild Republic
unmoos   Moose Plumpee (Large)
unmoossm   Moose Plumpee (Small)
cbmooose   Moose Plush 12" L
UNMOOSBK   Moose Plush Backpack
FOLKMOOSE   Moose Puppet
WAMOOSST   Moose Standing Plush Toy 13" H
AAMOOTY   Mooty Cow by Aurora 28" Long
AAPEACLX   Mora Peacock Luxe Boutique by Aurora 14" High with legs
FMEELLG   Moray Eel 26.5" L
wameellg   Moray Eel 34"
KMMEELCK   Moray Eel Cuddllekin 45" Long
THMOTH   Moth 8"l
AEMTVER   Mount Vernon Dowdle Folk Art 500 Piece Puzzle
DMAGMGT   Mountain Goat Maggie 8"l
DKMTLION   Mountain Lion - Cougar Kelso 20" Long
FOLKMLIONC   Mountain Lion Cub 21"l
KMMLIONCK   Mountain Lion/ Cougar Cuddlekins Plush Toy 12"
KMMLIONSM   Mountain Lion/ Cougar Cuddlekins Plush Toy 8"
DKMOU   Mouse 6"l
DMPWDOG   Moxie Portuguese Water Dog 8" Long
dmrghog   Mr. G Groundhog
aanscot   Mr. Nick Scotty (Scottish Terrier) Dog Flopsie
DMPBSPIG   Mud Pie the Brown Spotted Pig 7"h
KMMULEN   Mule Cuddlekins Plush Toy 12" Long
AAMUNCAL   Munchy Calico Fat Cat by Aurora 9" H
PHANIPT   Muppets Animal Plush Toy & Blanket Throw
AAMURLG   Murphy Dog Super Flopsy
KMMOX   Musk Ox by WIld Republic 12" Long
AASAFSET   My Photo Safari Jeep Play Set
DMYAGSHEP   Mya German Shepherd Floppy Pup 13"L
DMYAGSHEPLG   Mya German Shepherd Floppy Pup 20"L
DMYBOST   Myrtle Boston Terrier 10"
LP7350MGARD   Mystic Garden Special Effect Holographic 1000 Piece Puzzle
DNHUSK   Nadia Husky Floppy 24"l
WANARWH   Narwhal Plush Stuffed Toy 13" Long
KMLONAR   Narwhal Plush Toy 26" Long
NJBMTNLG   Nat & Jules Collection Bernese Mountain Dog 12" L
NJLABDOODLG   Nat & Jules Collection Labradoodle 12" L
NJCORGLG   Nat & Jules Corgi
NJFRBDOG   Nat and Jules French Bulldog 9" H
DPNTH   Natches Paint Horse Floppy 27"l
aaecolem   Naturally Lemur Soy Plush
aaecopen   Naturally Penguin Soy Plush
FOLKNAUT   Nautilus Puppet 7" High
DNBLSHK   Neptune Blue Shark 16" L
KRNERM   Nermal the Cat Plush 13" H
NJNEWFLG   Newfoundland Plush Dog 12" L from Nat & Jules Collection
DNACRANE   Nia African Crowned Crane 12" H
FOLKNIBMOU   Nibbling Mouse Puppet
DNGSTCT   Nickel the Grey Stripe Cat 9"H
DNIKWOLF   Niko Wolf by Douglas 24" Long
DNPCATD   Nipper Cattle Dog Retriever Mix 16" L
UNNOAHHF   Noah Plush Doll 6" High
UNNOAHFP   Noah's Ark Finger Puppet Set
unnoah   Noah's Ark Plush Play Set
unblkswan   Noble Black Swan
CBPIKE   Northern Pike Fish Plush Toy
AANOVBUN   Nova Bunny by Aurora 15" L
aanutsie   Nutsie Brown Squirrel
aanutty   Nutty Gray Squirrel
DOAKGRET   Oakley Golden Retriever by Douglas 18" Long
DOPUF   Obi Puffin
LP1087OBPOST   Observation Post Fancy Cat 500 Piece Puzzle
WAOCESM   Ocelot Floppy
WAOCESIT   Ocelot Sitting 7" High
KMOCECK   Ocelot WIild Republic Cuddlekins Collection 11" High
RIBLOCT   Ocotpus wtih Baby 15" L
waoctsm   Octopus (Small)
KMOCTCK   Octopus 12" Wild Republic
waoct   Octopus Large
AAOCTXL   Octopus Super Flopsie 28" L
WATROCT   Octopus Wildlife Artists
KRODIECL   Odie the Dog Clinger Plush 11" H
dsprspf   Oglivy Springer Spaniel Dog
AAOINKXL   Oink the Pig by Aurora 28" Long
KMOKACK   Okapi Cuddlekins 12"
THOKA   Okapi Standing Plush Toy 13" H
DOLPOSS   Oliver Possum
domastber   Oma St. Bernard
fposs   Opossum
cbopp   Opossum Plush 12" L
WAPOSS   Opossum Plush Toy by Wildlife Artists
fpossmb   Opossum with Baby
KMORGSQU   Orange Squid Plush Toy 30" Long
KMPSOTAB   Orange Tabby Cat Pet Shop Collection 10.5" H
untabctlg   Orange Tabby Cat Plumpee (Large)
untabct   Orange Tabby Cat Plumpee (Medium)
untabctsm   Orange Tabby Cat Plumpee (Small)
FOLKORTBCT   Orange Tabby Kitten Puppet
WATIGLG   Orange Tiger 25" L without tail
KMSORAN   Orangutan 13"
NJORANB   Orangutan and Baby from the Nat & Jules Collection 11" H
KMORANCK   Orangutan Cuddlekins 12"H
AAMIORAN   Orangutan Miyoni Collection by Aurora 11" High
FOLKORAN   Orangutan Puppet
FORCALG   Orca Whale Large 27" L
AAOREO   Oreo Black and White Cat Flopsie
DOROCT   Oriole the Orange Striped Cat 19"L
KMORIII   Oriole with Sound
DORTHWK   Orion the Red Tail Hawk 9"h
DOSSERP   Orli Sea Serpent by Douglas 16"L
DORVPEN   Orville Empeor Penguin 33" H
DOMCOON   Oscar Dlux Maine Coon Cat by Douglas 20" Long
KMOSTCK   Ostrich Cuddlekins 12"H
FOLKOST   Ostrich Puppet by Folkmanis
RYOST   Ostrich Yomiko
plposs   Othelia Opossum
DOGPIG   Otis Long Haired Guinea Pig 8" L
folkprat   Pack Rat Puppet with Sack
AAPBBG   Paddle Bunny Beige by Aurora 12" L
AAPBCR   Paddle Bunny Cream by Aurora 12" L
AAPBGRY   Paddle Bunny Dark Grey by Aurora 12" L

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