About Nancy's Plush Toys & Gifts

My name is Nancy Vega and along with my husband Manny we started a business about eighteen years ago that allowed me to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies stuffed animal collecting. My love of plush stuffed toys and puppets continues to grow over the years with the wider range and realistic detail that has become available.  Our repeat customers tell us that the quality, realism and reasonable prices of our unique stuffed animal toys and puppets cannot be matched!

Please check out my favorite feline's section "GARFIELD". There you will find new Garfield stuffed animals, collectible Garfield items including Garfield and Odie and Pooky figurines, toys and Garfield ornaments.

Take your time, look around our site, and enjoy! We feel we have an extensive selection of unique stuffed animal toys to offer. If you cannot find a particular stuffed animal, please email me.